Playable Art Ball

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Specially designed connectors enable you to twist, bend, expand, contract, and manipulate every-which-way, the beautiful, vibrant wooden beads. 20 fragments unite for polished perfection that is hard to put down.

It's the child's toy, desk toy, coffee table toy that seldom is ever left alone. On the rare occasions it gets to rest, no matter how it's configured it looks spectacular.


  • Fantastic art display from connected wooden balls
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical artistry
  • Twist, bend, contract, expand, move "every-which-way"
  • Specially designed connectors enable diverse movement
  • Great fun for children; not suitable for toddlers
  • A fun gift for adults
  • Made of beech wood
  • Designed in Germany
  • Note: The connectors of this toy are not magnetic
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