Polar Bear Lariat Necklace
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Polar Bear Lariat Necklace
Polar Bear Lariat Necklace

Polar Bear Lariat Necklace

$445.00 Excl. tax
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This lariat-style fossilized ivory necklace is the perfect Bohemian accessory for any polar bear lover. Read more.

Product description

This mammoth ivory polar bear necklace in silver and labradorite marries distinctive design with natural inspiration. The dangles feature hand carved bear charms wrapped in sterling silver. The symbolic significance of the bear—courageous, powerful, protective, and strong in spirit—inspires this lariat style necklace that wears beautifully with any neckline.

The bear charms are carved from fossilized mammoth ivory, a prized and ancient material that is some 15,000 years old. Mammoth ivory, from the great mammoths now long ago extinct, has lain in permafrost or the earth for most of its life. There, it is colored a range of pale to rich cream and caramel colors, lending each piece of fossilized mammoth ivory a unique earthen quality.

The dangles on this mammoth ivory necklace also feature iridescent labradorite, a beloved stone that shines with icy cobalt, green, and mauve tones. It is believed to be a magical stone that offers protection and spiritual inspiration for the wearer. The combination of labradorite, sterling silver, and creamy mammoth ivory gives this polar bear necklace a truly Northern look.

The center sterling silver ring is fixed on this necklace, which is worn by slipping the looped portion over your head.


  • Hand carved ancient mammoth ivory polar bear dangles
  • Three iridescent labradorite accents
  • Sterling silver setting and chain
  • Necklace slips over your head, center ring is fixed



  • 18.5" (chain opening)
  • 3" & 3.5" (dangles approx)

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