Lonesomeville Pottery Vase Greek Lg Blue-Green

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This vase is the larger of a two piece series Danny created to explore the stylistic charms of Ancient Greece.  Based on classical Greek ceramics, this contemporary interpretation is the perfect fit in today's eclectic environments.
9″H x 9″W x 6″D  |  Original casting 2016
Lonesomeville is an artist studio specializing in decorative clay arts, textiles, garden design, interior design, and original works of art.  Their studio was created around the original Blampede farmstead of the Woodstock neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.  Built in the late 19th century, the original farmhouse, outbuildings, and barn of the Blampede Farm are the heart of Lonesomeville.  The house and acre grounds were condemned and slated for demolition and redevelopment when they found it 30 years ago.  Even in that sad condition, it was love at first sight and they felt it deserved better.  They have spent the ensuing 30 years carefully creating this world around it.  They believe now, as they did then, that this place is their muse.  It sings to all of them every day.
Locally Made in Portland, Oregon.
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