Persimmon & Red Currant Soap
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Persimmon & Red Currant Soap
Persimmon & Red Currant Soap

Persimmon & Red Currant Soap

$9.00 Excl. tax
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Enriched with pure Organic Shea Butter, this French Milled soap bar will leave your skin soft and moisturized. Read more.

Product description

Produced by specialty Italian soap milling machines similar to what is used to produce fine swiss chocolate, this soap undergoes the French Triple milling process to create a blend of natural ingredients which are pressed into a soap bar. This results in a long lasting moisturizing bar with a creamy lather which has excess moisture and air removed.

Our ingredients are 100% pure plant oils, and the bar has a creamy moisturizing lather, with a luscious fragrance.


Suitable for all skin types
Organic and Vegan
Contains no harsh chemicals, paraben-free, and no SLS, HEDP or EDTA
Weight: 7 oz.

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