Portlandia Activity Book

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Finally, a book that not only resonates but speaks directly to you, that views you as an equal, that just gets you. This is The Portlandia Activity Book, a compendium of guaranteed enrichment for that part of your psyche that feels at home in a medium sized, temperate city in the Pacific Northwest.

The Portlandia Activity Book is like one of those cool high schools that prioritize life lessons in sweat-lodges to the traditional grading system. With enough activities to get you through a whole year of rainy days, including “How to Start your Own B&B,” “Painting By Numbers for Punks,” and, yes, “Terrarium Foraging,” The Portlandia Activity Book encourages you to engage with your free-spirited, occasionally vegan, artisanally styled self. Break out your safety scissors and your glue stick, and enjoy.

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