Oregon Painters: Landscape to Modernism, 1859-1959

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Since the first edition of Oregon Painters was published in 1999, it has served as an invaluable reference to the early history of Northwest art. The original volume was an encyclopedia and index of Oregon painters, with historical data about the evolution of painting styles, educational institutions, and exhibition venues in the Northwest. Oregon Painters: Landscape to Modernism, 1859–1959 expands the focus on the history of painting in Oregon while using more and better visual examples to illustrate the strength of the state’s early painters.
Concise essays address Indigenous art, the Lewis and Clark Exposition, the Impressionist and Modernist movements, and the Federal Art Projects in Oregon. The biographical section is now fully illustrated with color images of many of the 630 painters’ works. A list of 4,000 additional artists supplements the biographies.
Little has been written about the early history of Northwest art. This volume serves as a valuable resource for discovering artists who remain largely unknown but whose works continue to gain in reputation and value. Filled with faithful full-color reproductions from institutional and private collections, Oregon Painters will be treasured by art students, scholars, teachers, gallery owners, museumgoers, collectors, and art lovers everywhere.

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