Moving Sand Art Window Black

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The Window Black Moving Sand Art is made of beech wood and finished with black matte lacquer with coated steel posts. The sand is the Sandman’s classic sand blend, White, Ash, Ruby and gold glitter.

You can tilt the Window Black Moving Sand Art at a slight angle to observe a different presentation of sand on the front and backside.  These handcrafted art pieces are equipped with an air hole to last for years on end, allowing for you to regulate the amount of air in each sand picture so you can make the sand fall as fast or as slow as you want.

  • The Window Black Sand Art is 13 x 9” 
  • Perfect addition to any Home, Office Desktop, Mantle, or Bookshelf.
  • Flow Time: 15 min- 2 Hours

Klaus Bosch (aka Sandman) has been making his Sand Art in Lustenau, Austria since 1988.  He has a small crew of less than a dozen employees at his sand factory. His art can be found in hotels, spas and businesses around the globe. His wild love for nature drives his inspiration and helps capture the beauty and express it in a sand picture. 


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