Honey Hive Necklace

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This silver bee necklace on honeycomb places the hand carved bees in their home environment, the hive. The hive is a miraculous place. There the bees create the honeycomb from wax, quickly heating each circular cell and causing the molten wax to flow into the hexagonal shape we all know so well. The bees do this with the efficiency we attribute to this genius, creating a structure that is as strong as it is geometrically stunning.

The beehive itself has been used as a religious symbol throughout history to symbolize harmony, truth, and balance. Citrine is incorporated into this piece because of its honey-like color and because it is believed to hold the properties of personal power and good fortune. This necklace commemorates the intrepid and selfless bee and empowers its owner with a sense of community, diligence, and strength.

The bees’ bodies are carved from fossilized walrus ivory that is anywhere from 300 to over 5,000 years old. Fossilized walrus ivory comes from St. Lawrence Island off the Alaskan coast where the native Inuit collect it for sale, trade, and for carving into art pieces of their own. Fossilized walrus ivory is considered one of the highest quality ancient ivories available for its rich coloring and durability. It tells an ancient story of centuries past.


  • Artisan carved fossilized walrus ivory bees
  • 14k gold fill wing and body details
  • Sterling silver setting
  • Faceted citrine accent stones
  • 18" chain



  • 1.5" x 1.25" (approx)
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