Ball of Whacks 6 Color

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Experience the sheer pleasure of play, exploration, and endless kinetic discovery! When you first see the Ball of Whacks, you might think, "Ah, another Rubik's Cube. - Not so! Made up of thirty magnetic rhombi (Equilateral quadrilaterals where the opposite sides are parallel, for those who were interested), hands of all sizes can take apart and rebuild this ball in endless ways to form amazing designs. The magnets are so easy to form and reform! Invaluable to the classroom, therapy sessions, pain management practices, and more, the Ball of Whacks is a brilliant tool for distraction and refocusing the mind.

  • Comes with a 96-page guide-book
  • Enhance creativity and initiate problem-solving.
  • Stimulate playfulness and add fun to your learning and working environment.
  • Artist: Roger von Oech



  • 5.44" x 3.75" x 3.56"
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