Abalone Articulated Fish Bottle Opener

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These rare and collectible Pacific Blue Abalone Articulated Fish Bottle Openers are from the village of Taxco el Viejo in one of the world's most recognized focal points for the creation of folk art, Guerrero, Mexico.

Created entirely by hand, this bottle opener features inlaid Blue Pacific abalone with the natural iridescence exhibiting a lustrous rainbow-like play of color that changes with the angle of view. Abalone is deep-rooted in the vitality of the ocean and has a strong connection with nature and mother earth. Calming and soothing, it expresses the gentleness and beauty of the sea.


  • Each bottle opener is one of a kind
  • These beautiful items are Fair Trade
  • Natural shell inlays will vary from product image
  • Made in Mexico



  • 8" x 1.75" 1.25"
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